Living Soil

Consistent quality orientation is what led Fritz to biodynamic cultivation. The basis of it all is healthy soil, which we support through biodiversity. Our green vineyards ensure that fauna and flora are thriving. We completely reject artificial fertilizers, chemical-synthetic pesticides and herbicides. This is living soil in which strong vines grow and can withstand even very difficult years. We are happy to accept a lower yield. Because the reward is natural, high quality wines.

Biodynamic Values

Weingut Wieninger is a member of respekt-BIODYN, an association of 34 wineries from Austria, Germany, Italy and Hungary pursuing the goal of producing wines of the highest quality through biodynamic methods. This association is dedicated to ecological, economic and social sustainability furthered by ideas and methods of biodynamic agriculture.

Biodynamic agriculture goes back to the Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925). Biodynamic viticulture involves the entire habitat – other plants, insects and animals – around the vines.

We treat nature with respect. Our natural and biodynamic way of working, so much of it by hand, is pure sustainability

– Fritz Wieninger

Thinking further. Our nature-focused approach goes beyond the vineyard and cellar. We live sustainably in all areas of our daily activities. For example, we use water and energy responsibly and sparingly.

Natural energy. We rely on renewable energy sources. Our biomass facility provides warm rooms, and is supported by solar collectors that supply our warm water. Our solar photovoltaic modules (solar panels) on the winery buildings generate clean, green electricity.

Conserve resources. We constantly consider how to save materials and reduce the use of machines. Part of our vehicle fleet is electric. And of course, orderly waste management and waste separation are standard.