Bisamberg Gelber Muskateller

Alcohol: 12,5 %Vol.
Acid: 6,0 g/l
Residual sugar: 1,8 g/l


After a long and very cold winter, especially in the finals, an extreme rise in temperature followed within a short time with very fast budding of the vines and unusually high spring temperatures up to 30 degrees. This was followed by one of the earliest vine blossoms of all times, which in some vineyards was completed by the end of May. Extensive rainfall in June brought the vineyards well supplied into a hot and increasingly dry summer. Already towards the end of July the first berries became soft and the discoloration of the red varieties began, an unmistakable sign that we had to expect a particularly early harvest. In fact, this started unusually early. The first grapes for the base wines were harvested on August 20th, but also Chardonnays and Pinot Noirs for the prestigious Select and Grand Select were soon to be harvested. The decisions about the time of harvest were certainly very important in this vintage and from vineyard to vineyard very individual.  Also our excellent equipment with cooling technology in the entire winery area was essential for the 2018 harvest. The vintage 2018 is characterized by very fine, well-balanced and juicy-drinking white wines and particularly well-structured deep-dark, spicy-fruity red wines, in all cases with very high storage potential. Exceptional maturity and flawless health of the grapes speak for an above-average vintage.


 The vineyards lie in the Ried Wiesthalen and the Ried Breiten on the Bisamberg and are comprised of high amounts of loess and sand – which ultimately means challenging vine growth and relatively low grape yields. Additionally, the high limestone content of the soil helps to deliver very fine, complex wines with intense aromatics. The vines were planted in the 1990s.

Vineyards and Cellar: 

The grapes grew through part conventional and part biodynamic agriculture. After being harvested meticulously by hand, and then undergoing another careful selection through a newly installed, fully automatic grape sorter, the Gelber Muskateller grapes were carefully pressed following several hours of soaking on the skins. The preclarified must was fermented at cool temperatures in steel tanks, then matured to optimally accentuate the racy, fruity character. After ageing on the fine lees for as long as possible, the wine was bottled in January 2015.

Tasting notes: 

Light greenish-yellow, silver reflections. Delicate after nutmeg, fine yellow peach fruit. Nuances of elderberry in the background. Juicy, elegant texture, delicate blossom honey, fresh acid structure. With its exotic scents, this wine makes a wonderful aperitif and, in the warm seasons, is ideal for sipping on the terrace.