Wiener Trilogie 2012

Alcohol: 13,5 % Vol.
Acid: 5,3 g/l
Residual sugar: 1,0 g/l

In 2012, a normal bud break took place at around the middle of April. Flowering, however, was relatively early because of a very dry, warm Spring. The occurrence of late frosts, especially at exposed sites, resulted in yield losses, but at least the flowering went on without further problems.

The Summer was one of the warmest and driest in recent history and culminated in a particularly hot period towards the end of August.This was followed by a picture-perfect Autumn with a steady increase in cooler nights and warm, sunny Fall days.The harvest began before mid-September in order to preserve the acidity. By mid-October, all picking was over – the earliest harvest completion in memory. Overall, the grapes achieved a flawlessly ripe and healthy condition seldom seen before.

The grapes for the Wiener Trilogie 2012 were grown exclusively in Vienna's Bisamberg vineyards. The soils are comprised of light, sandy loess over solid limestone. The plentiful hours of sun, the steady winds and the relatively low rainfall combined with the excellent drainage properties of the sandy soils all make the Wiener Bisamberg an outstanding red wine site.

Vineyards and Cellar:
The Wiener Trilogie 2012 is a blend comprised of 65% Zweigelt, 20% Cabernet Sauvignon and 15% Merlot, with the grape varieties harvested at different times. Zweigelt was harvested first, from mid- to late September; and the last to be harvested was Cabernet, toward the end of October.

After each of the wine varieties underwent their own fermentation and subsequent malolactic fermentation - in large wooden casks or steel tanks – the individual wines were racked into barriques. Depending on the structure of the wine, more or less around 20% of the wood used for the Trilogie is new.In our 16th century cellar, the wine matured in the barriques for around 20 months – these were repeatedly moved, and then, gradually, the final cuvée was put together. The Wiener Trilogie 2012 was filled into bottles in September 2014.

Tasting Notes:
This wine reveals intense red berry aromas accompanied by delicate scents of Zweigelt spice and a touch of moss and wet leaves. One the palate are juicy, spicy cherry fruit tones withplayful yet gentle tannins. The Wiener Trilogie is not a thick, fat new world wine – it delivers mouthfuls of drinking pleasure with lots of finesse, and makes an ideal food companion.