Rosé Viennois

Alcohol: 12,5 % Vol.
Residual sugar: Trocken

The Rosé Viennois is an elegant rosé wine from Vienna with a touch of Provence feeling. Bone-dry and pale pink with a fine play of stimulating acid and delicate fruit aromas it seduces in a subtle way and is an ideal, high quality summer wine suitable both as an aperitif and as a refreshing accompaniment to summer cuisine.

The Rosé Viennois was vinified with Fiona Figlmüller. The grapes all come from the Bisamberg vineyards and were exclusively hand-picked. For this cuvée which consists of Zweigelt, Cabernet Franc and Merlot, only the finest initial grape juice is used to achieve the most elegant and delicate aromas which are so characteristic for this wine. 

This precious juice is extracted through an extremely gentle form of directpressing. But in this case, one can hardly refer to it as real pressing. It is more a mixture of free-flowing juice with no pressure applied followed by a short, very gentle pressing of the grapes. The individual batches were fermented separately at low temperatures in stainless steel tanks, matured individualy and then made into a cuvée!