The Vineyard Sites: Bisamberg and Nußberg

Vienna as a wine region is characterised by its variety of vineyard sites, all within close proximity to each other. Weingut Wieninger cultivates vineyards on the Bisamberg and the Nussberg. Both of these sites provide optimal conditions for a beautiful assortment of wines - some that best reflect the Bisamberg, and others, the Nußberg. Pinot Noir comprises a mixture of the two.

Weingut Wieninger owns a substantial part of these two sites. The Bisamberg and Nussberg are separated by the Danube river, and with this, feature different soils and different climates. Accordingly, the winery presents a comprehensive range of wines that reflect these differences.

Geology & Climate

Geologically, the Bisamberg consists of light, sandy loess. This soil is highly water-permeable, and the subsoil is very calcareous. The Nussberg comprisesshell limestone and weathered limestone soils with a subsoil of limestone rocks. Some of these rocks extend up to the surface. The limestone content is extremely high, something that is very positive for the wine quality. The wines have a strong expression and yield excellent minerality. The clay content of the Nussberg is distinctly higher than that at the Bisamberg. Also the climate is notably different, as the Bisamberg has more wind, more sun and 20 percent less rain.

Wines from each site

Wines from the Bisamberg are typically fruity and fragrant with plenty of freshness, and are a bit higher in acidity. Especially the light wines develop wonderfully, as do the wines with more body - the Chardonnays and all of the red wines. The Nussberg is optimal for the planting of Gemischter Satz, Riesling, Grüner Veltliner and Traminer. The wines are very archetypal, particularly the stronger-bodied ones. Because of the heavy soil with a high limestone content, the wines tend to have a creamy texture and darker fruit tones along with moderate acidity and a very pronounced minerality.

Light and sandy loess soil Shell limestone and weathered limestone with a high clay content
Taste profile Fresh, animated, light, pronounced fruit and vibrant acidity Creamy, full-bodied, dark-toned fruit, spicy, plenty of minerality
Wines Perfect for red wines.
White wine: Chardonnay
Gemischter Satz, Riesling, Grüner
Veltliner, Traminer
Vineyard surface 35 hectares 15 hectares