WineAid - Every Sip Helps!

We donate 500 bottles of our Wiener Gemischter Satz to the Wine Aid fundraising initiative

Wine Aid is an organisation that was founded in 2009 by Thomas Schenk and a team of volunteers who - together with the top producers and their wines - financially support charity projects for children. The producers provide a certain amount of wine that can be bought by consumers. The proceeds from the sales go directly to the children's charities Organisation Österreichischer Kinder-Krebs-Hilfe and the Gesellschaft Österreichischer Kinderdörfer.

And you can help us, too, by ordering our internationally succesful Viennese classic wines at Wine Aid. We have donated 500 bottles of our Wiener Gemischter Satz for purchase.

"Enjoy and Help" is the motto here.

The wines are available at: